Linking policy

Linking policy

In order to provide clients with up-to-date information, and to ensure the consistency and accuracy of online client information, Revenue NSW has developed the following policy outlining when an external organisation can:

  • include a link from their website to a Revenue NSW website
  • use the Revenue NSW logo on their website or download the logo for use in printed material
  • use information posted on a Revenue NSW website
  • copy information from a Revenue NSW website.

The Revenue NSW websites where this policy applies include:

Linking requirements

Revenue NSW encourages organisations to create links to information on the Revenue NSW website as appropriate. Organisations must comply with the following guidelines:

Link to the home page, rather than a specific subpage

As many of the subpages on the Revenue NSW site are subject to change, Revenue NSW advises that you link directly to the homepage of the relevant Revenue NSW website. If you do create a link to a subpage, Revenue NSW strongly recommends that you check these links on a regular basis to ensure the page is still in use.

Link to take clients directly to a Revenue NSW page

Any links to a Revenue NSW page should forward the client directly to Revenue NSW's website. Revenue NSW pages should not open in a frame in your own website, or otherwise present the information as being a part of your website.

Use of the Revenue NSW logo

Under no circumstances should an organisation use the Revenue NSW logo on their website or download a copy of an Revenue NSW logo for use in printed material without permission from Revenue NSW.

Use of logo on external websites

The only time when the Revenue NSW logo may be used on a non-Revenue NSW site is where Revenue NSW has a business partnership with another organisation, such as a Client Service Provider (CSP). In this case, the organisation in question must:

  • apply to Revenue NSW's Manager, Communications for permission to use the logo. Requests should be forwarded Attn: Manager, Communications, to
  • meet Revenue NSW's corporate identity requirements regarding use of the logo. These will be supplied on request.
  • submit a copy of the proposed layout including the Revenue NSW logo to Revenue NSW's Communications Manager for approval before using the logo on a live site.

Note: Revenue NSW reserves the right to request removal of the logo from an external website at any time.

Use of logo in printed material

If you wish to obtain a copy of an Revenue NSW logo to use in a report, proposal or other similar document, please contact us to obtain permission. Once permission has been granted we will provide a high resolution version of the Revenue NSW logo.

Copying and use of Revenue NSW material

Reproducing Revenue NSW information on your website

Under no circumstances should you incorporate information or applications from an Revenue NSW website within your own website. Information on our websites is regularly updated to ensure clients have the most current information. Revenue NSW is unable to review and verify information posted on external sites. To ensure your clients act on the most up-to-date information available, Revenue NSW strongly advises your website link to the relevant Revenue NSW website, see Requirements for linking to an Revenue NSW website.

Reproducing information for personal use

You may reproduce any material which Revenue NSW creates and displays on an Revenue NSW website for personal, in-house or non-commercial use. If you wish to reproduce, alter, store or transmit the material for any other commercial purpose you must contact us and seek permission.

Reproducing information for commercial use

If you wish to reproduce information on the Revenue NSW website for commercial purposes, you must first obtain permission from Revenue NSW. If you plan to alter the material in any way from its original format (eg include your company details, alter or rearrange text) a copy of the final document must be approved by Revenue NSW before it can be published.

If permission is granted to use material from an Revenue NSW website, all material reproduced from the website should clearly state:

  • the name of the agency (eg. Revenue NSW, etc),
  • the relevant Revenue NSW website address,
  • the date the information was copied from the site, and
  • a disclaimer stating that your organisation is not endorsed by Revenue NSW and that clients should check the relevant Revenue NSW website to obtain the latest information.