The Fines Hardship Review Board is an independent statutory body established under the Fines Act 1996. The Board is responsible for reviewing specific decisions made by Revenue NSW about writing off fines, granting time to pay fines or approving a Work and Development Order (WDO).

If you are genuinely facing serious financial, medical and/or personal hardship and Revenue NSW has refused to write off your fines, allow you more time to pay the fines or participate in a WDO, you may be eligible to apply to the Fines Hardship Review Board to review Revenue NSW’s decision.

The Fines Hardship Review Board will assess your financial, medical and/or personal circumstances and determine whether you and your immediate family would suffer additional hardship by paying the outstanding fines. The liability to pay a fine in itself does not constitute serious hardship.

The Fines Hardship Review Board meets regularly and consists of the Chief Commissioner of State Revenue, the Secretary of the Treasury and the Director-General of the Attorney General's Department or their delegates.

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